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Coulee Clean-Up with Lethbridge Area Search & Rescue

On May 28th I had the opportunity to do coulee clean up with Lethbridge & Area Search and Rescue. That morning we all met up at the Helen Schuller Coulee Center. I brought my gloves, put some of my hair back and was good to go! Before we left, I asked if there was any animals I could hold because why not, I love animals. Getting the chance to hold a snake was pretty cool!  Her name was Sophie and she felt silky with her scales laid back towards her tail.

After I said my goodbyes to Sophie we went to the university to clean up in that district. Honestly, I had no idea people littered that much. I don’t litter so I didn’t think it was something people really did. From Tim Hortons and Starbucks cups to Styrofoam. It really opened up my eyes. We need to take care of Mother Nature. Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature. Everyday should be Earth Day! Another thing that opened my eyes was that we found some sleeping bags and coats in the trees. No one was there, but it literally made my heart drop. My eyes widened. How could some one live here? It made me come into realization that homelessness is very much an issue even though we live in a developed country. Just because we don’t come into contact with some situations on a daily basis, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Pictures were taken and it was reported to head office. None of us touched or removed the blankets and sleeping bags.  I really enjoyed being apart of the Coulee Clean up with Search & Rescue, it was a good experience.  We also had little contests for fun such as who found the grossest item, biggest item and best piece item.  Megan found the best thing out of the 6 of us, she found $10!  Overall, we had around 10 garbage bags full of junk. We went for slurppies later because it was hot outside, great way to end the day!



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