On April 7th I had the opportunity to participate in the Laos New Year party! I volunteered the whole entire day and boy was that the most hours I’ve volunteered for haha. Aside from that though, I had so much fun connecting with business owners, being involved with my Lao people and being able to sell raffle tickets playing a game called 50/50. How it works is: you get a whole bunch of people to buy tickets and in the end, you draw a ticket. The number that is being called, 50% of the money goes towards the winner and the other 50% goes toward the Lao Association! Lemme tell y’all, we sold over $2,000. I could be wrong but, that’s a lot of money! It was super exhausting but it was worth it. So many Laotians (Laow-shun) asked me to take pictures with them! It was so cute because I knew there were little girls that wanted to take pictures with me but were too shy. Their parents had to ask me, it was so cute omg.

Lets recap the morning though! At the break of dawn…I’m kidding, it wasn’t even that early, more like 10 am haha. When I got there, I had to wear traditional clothing for the ceremony and give a speech talking about my platform! I was super nervous giving my speech but it gave everyone a clear idea of who I am and what my platform is. Oh and to add, also show that I wasn’t some random person showing up haha. In the evening I had to change into my gown and give another speech when there were more people that attended. It got a little bit easier for me but of course practice makes perfect 🙂 In the end I felt super happy and accomplished helping out my community!

I also want to share the collapsing of the Lao Dam yesterday. I’m so heartbroken and cannot believe the countless lives that were lost. I wish I could do more to help and knowing that I have family there that I’ve never met before, I hope that they are safe and free from harm. <3

But to end this post on a good note, tomorrow is my last day of summer school AND that also means that MTC is in 19 days! 🙂

~ Chance

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