Our new Miss Teenage Alberta 2017, Grace!! I was shocked they called my name. How did this happen?

To rewind, Friday March 10th after school and dance, my mom, younger brother and I drove up to Calgary. The drive wasn’t too long as we live in Lethbridge. Once we got to the Coast Plaza we did some investigating to check out where the pageant would take place. Mom and I also brought some food back to the room, eating a breakfast sandwich for dinner. I went through my pageant papers one last time and that was the rest of my night, dreaming about the possibilities.

Saturday and Sunday I met a lot of beautiful, kind girls. I followed my moms advice to envision what I want, “Your thoughts become things,” she always says. “Dress for the job you want or fake it till you make it!” For training both days I wore a cute dress and comfy shoes, heels. Being myself, I tried my best to learn as much as I possible. I had a lot of fun! It was a new experience and everything was very exciting!!

Sunday night, March 12th, at the Coast Plaza in Calgary, I found myself anxiously standing on the stage for the Miss Teenage Alberta 2017 pageant. At the crowning, my name wasn’t called when most of the other girls were being called. From where I was standing I could see my nana, papa, mom, step-dad and brother. My mom and nana looked nervous with their hands over their mouths possibly thinking that I might not get a crown. While they were calling finalists, in my head I was putting things into perspective. That regardless of what could possibly happen, I tried my best and was confident in myself. To me that’s what mattered. Being able to go home from this weekend knowing I tried my best, gave me the true sense of accomplishment within myself. When they were calling the runners up part of me was also thinking, please don’t call my name. My name still wasn’t called. One of the ladies standing beside me said, “Grace you got it,” and sincerely smiled. I responded with a slight grin, shaking my head, “Who knows,” because in this life nothing is promised, but anything is really possible. When they called my name to be Miss Teenage Alberta 2017, I was so excited!!! And shocked!! In fact, so shocked that I forgot what I was supposed to do!

I’m an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. Going into the pageant I didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never done a pageant before, it ended up being an amazing experience!! I’m truly grateful for this opportunity and all the supportive people in my life that helped make it happen.

You may have seen me in my sash and crown greeting racers for the Moonlight Run in Lethbridge or you may have read about me getting my crown in the Lethbridge Herald. I’m very excited for future events and upcoming appearances I’ll be making in my community. Looking forward to my new role, all the people I will meet and the memories I will make as Miss Teenage Alberta 2017. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant in Toronto this August.


Grace Alexandra
Miss Teenage Alberta 2017

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