I’ve finally been able to post something on my blog and I apologize to anyone that’s been waiting. I know I said I would be posting on my blog soon so now I’ve finally been able to! Buuut before we get into all of that, I think y’all should know a little about me! Below are some 5 quirky facts about me 🙂

  1. I loooove ice cream, it ain’t even a joke (you can tell through the many o’s as well). My favourite place is Village Ice Cream in Calgary and anyone that knows me WELL, knows I love my ice cream from there!
  2. I’m such a germaphobe to be honest…I mean, I’m not as much of a germaphobe as I was before. I’ve constantly washed my hands after EVERYTHING I’ve touched to the point where my hands started getting dry patches (not even lotion could help).
  3. I don’t watch TV shows. A lot of people ask me what my current favourite TV show is and I have to awkwardly stand/sit there telling them I don’t watch any shows aha. I mean, does Fresh Prince of Bel-Air count? I’ve probably watched all of the seasons 3 times but that’s it.
  4. I absolutely looove cute small things. I have a whole collection of small souvenirs and gifts people made or gave to me!
  5. I have to surround myself with music everyday to keep my sanity. I literally live off of music and do this through blasting music, singing or humming. Music is my life and I have such a passion for it!

I’ll be posting some more content later on this week so stay posted!

~ Chance 🙂

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