Had an incredible activity day today! We started off Tree Trekking which was scary but so much fun, and then went mini golfing and tubing, then to get delicious beaver tails! Chilling at the beach was a great little break and lots of fun with everyone! Thanks to all the people who helped make today awesome!

Also love rocking my keylimeathleticwear outfit from my awesome sponsors, will be wearing them in rehersal too!

For dinner we had a super fun formal night and had a great time finally meeting the beautiful and accomplished Emma Jeapes in real life, AKA Miss Teenage Canada 2019 who I has the opportunity to interview for my inspiring Canadian women campaign. Emma was great and answered a ton of questions and made us all feel welcomed! We then got to try on our bathing suits and opening number dresses which were beautiful! Excited and ready for prelims tomorrow!

Written by: Sophia W
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At our mini golf video shoot!

Day 2 of MTC was our official photoshoot and video shoot! This morning we woke up bright and early for hair and makeup and got ready for the shoot, with our amazing hair/makeup artist Shannon! A huge thank you to Shannon for coming in so early to help me and my roommates with our hair and makeup, we absolutely loved it! We quickly grabbed our healthy breakfasts and it was soon time to start our day and begin the process of shooting our photoshoots and video shoots! This consisted of making an intro video, of you introducing yourself, as well as a video of you describing yourself, which will eventually all  be a part of videos that will be shown on the final night! We then went into our indoor photoshoot and took photos there and then got the opportunity to work on another video shoot outside and around the resort. For me and my group of pageant sisters, we got to shoot our part of the video shoot at the mini golf course, which was so much fun! We then got to do our individual outdoor photoshoot and then even got a chance to shoot a big group photo of all of us delegates using a drone!We then went for supper at the dinner hall and got to eat an amazing dinner and cake! For the rest of the night, me and my roomies got to hang out in our room and got the chance to grow closer and get to know each other more! I’m so grateful to share a room with such kind, loving, people like them. 

All ready for our photoshoot!


Me and a couple of my pageant sisters!

Me and my amazing roommates, Janaya and Kealey!

Me and one of my pageant sisters, Sophia!


Today was such a fun day, especially because I absolutely love doing photoshoots! It’s so great to spend time with all my pageant sisters and learn more about them every single day! Tomorrow is our activity day and we have lots planned! Stay tuned to see what we are up to tomorrow!

Written by: Xara
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Have any of your friends ever given you a strange look after you tell them you are going to a pageant? Well, if I am being honest, some of mine sure have. There is this really dark stigma around pageantry, and it’s simply the first few thoughts that pop into one’s head when they hear the word. Sadly for many, the first picture or conclusion they make is that a pageant is simply to determine who is the slimmest, most beautiful and who can pose. People think this way because they don’t know any better, and truthfully it’s not their fault. As pageant girls, leaders, role models and titleholders, I feel like it is our duty to break the stigma revolving pageants and spread the. word on what it’s really all about!

I don’t need to explain, because everyone here knows exactly what I mean. You ladies also know exactly what the true meaning of pageantry is and what it’s all about. The passion, the drive, the dedication it takes to be a titleholder. The responsibility and the essentialness in being 110% committed.

Here’s what I would absolutely love for all us ladies to do: simply post a short clip about what pageantry means to you, and what Miss Teenage Canada is all about- the aspects that the public eye might not see.

Maybe a few instagram posts can’t change everyone’s opinions, but we have to start somewhere, and it’s about time.

Thank you

~ Sophia Lia

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Day 2 already of Miss Teenage Canada pageant week and I am having a blast! So much fun here and days filled with new friends and experiences. Nothing is worth more than that.

Today we woke up bright and early at 7am to eat a delicious nutritional breakfast! Right after that, Nicole and Bri from #beautywhereyouwantit were here and ready to do my makeup and hair! A huge shoutout to them as it really helped me prepare and look but most importantly feel my best. When pageant week gets eventful and super busy, having the extra help takes a lot of stress off your shoulders.

Here is the final hair/makeup look!

Thank you Bri and Nicole!

Afterwards, I headed straight to the waiting area to get our photos taken, as well as a small intro video! It was super simple and the photographer as well as the videographer was excellent at guidance and critiquing for improvement!

Later on, I headed down to mini golf with Kealey, Xara & Exelia to do a videoshoot! It was super interesting to see how it’s all put together. We of course had to take a selfie while we were there, so I might as well share it here 🙂

Finally, I changed into my casual wear for the last part of the shoot- individual indoor shots! It was so fun and I absolutely love modeling, so I was right in my element!

After this, we changed back into our MTC rep for a group shot! Then, dinner was served and we had delicious chicken caesar wraps with tasty fries and cake. Such a great supper!

Thanks for tuning into my day!

xo, Sophia Lia


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Photoshoot and Video Shoot day!

Friends are the people who make you smile brighter, laugh louder, and live better. It’s crazy how close i’ve already became with my fellow pageant sisters. Even though it may be really cheesey the friendships you make in pageantry really do last a lifetime and are one of the best parts of pageantry. Getting to meet and be in a room of inspired, empowered teenagers across Canada who have the same dreams as you is such an amzaing experience and feeling! We are able to lift each other up; because we rise by lifting others!

Getting hair and makeup done!

Getting ready to go into our phoroshoot and video shoot!

Together we are able to inspire eachother and overall become better leaders of tomorrow. Toay’s theme of kindness was appreciating your surroundings by being kind and respecting other people and our

Having fun with my pageant sister Emily Bliss from Ontario!

enviroment. I was able to showcase this the entire day through connecting with other delegates and learning about eachother. I learned how grateful I am to be at such an amazing event with girls just like me working hard for their dreams and goals!

Today we started out the day with a healthy breakfast sponsored by Miss Teenage Canada while my roomates Kealey, Xara, and I started getting our hair done by the fabulous Shannon Bonnett in our room for our Photoshoots and Video shoots. After that we headed to our first photo shoot and video shoot, then we headed back to our room for our lunch sponsored again just like all of our amazing meals by the pageant organizers. Our evening was followed by our second photoshoot and supper! Toay was so much fun and I’m so excited for our fun adventure day tomorrow and to get to know and learn more about my fellow pageant sisters!

My beautiful roomie Kealey and I ready for our photoshoots!

Written by: Janaya
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Had a total blast at Miss Teenage Canada Day 2! I got my official photos taken and my hair and makeup done by the wonderful ladies at Modern College! I got to do a fun and special pool photoshoot with my pageant sisters Hadley and Kenzie. The videographer and photographer were so patient and talent, they were great to work with. I got to share a little bit about myself in a video segment and then we all got to do a group drone shot in our awesome MTC shirts! Also got to know my MTC sisters Hadley and Kenzie as well as our awesome chaperone and former MTC Sami! The photoshoot was also a huge blast and Modern College did an incredible job!

Can’t wait for our fitness day tomorrow–Tree trek here we come!

Written by: Sophia W
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 Hello everyone!

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday morning here in Barrie, Ontario! Yesterday was our first day here so I just wanted to share a little bit about what it looked like! I had such an amazing time and I will forever be grateful for all the inspiring girls I met (who now are for sure my pageant sisters!).

The morning started pretty bright and early with a 4:30 AM wake up! My parents and I then drove to Calgary to catch our plane to Toronto. On my way here, my stomach for sure filled with butterflies and I was absolutely nervous as I simply didn’t know what to expect or what this week could bring! After meeting the girls and settling in a little bit, I soon found out there was nothing to be nervous about. Miss Teenage Canada is such a welcoming place to everyone and they are extremely supportive and passionate about girls’ individuality.

Day 1, more so like night one was a fun PJ party! All the delegates got to eat pizza and cake, in our PJs of course and just had the opportunity to get to know one another as well as introduce ourselves. Some of the girls had little gift bags and they were so thoughtful, so thank you 🙂

MTC also provides us with an awesome bag of goodies which we call the #MTCSWAGBAG. Thanks to MTC for the kind gifts as well!

After dinner, we all returned to our rooms and got prepared for the next day! Day 2 consists of a photo and video shoot. We will be doing introduction videos of ourselves and all 29 delegates for the final night (Saturday’s) show. Stay tuned for that!

As I now prepare for day 2, I am super excited and can’t wait to see how today goes! Having so much fun so far and I am really lucky to be here.

Xo, Sophia Lia

Written by: Sophia L
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My First Day at MTC 2020!

Today the Miss Teenage Canada pageant officially started, and let me just say that we kicked off the week with a great start! It was an absolutely beautiful day today in Barrie, Ontario so me and my family started off the day by going for a drive to enjoy the scenery of Barrie! The drive to Barrie was absolutely gorgeous and even showcased many historic buildings and houses along the way!


Getting Beaver Tails with Janaya, Miss Jr. Teen Northern Alberta!

We sat down and ate lunch at one of the restaurants at our resort and was later joined by my dear pageant sister Janaya Iverson, Miss Jr. Teen Northern Alberta, to go get some Beaver Tails!

We then headed to the front desk to register, get our rooms, and find out who our roommates were! I feel so incredibly blessed to have been chosen to be roommates with my dear friends Janaya, Miss Jr. Teen Northern Alberta, and Kealey, Miss Teen Southern Alberta. These girls are also a part of Canadian Beauties and are such wonderful, sweet, amazing girls that I feel so lucky to be able to spend my week with!


Me and my amazing roommates Janaya, Miss Jr. Teen Northern Alberta and Kealey, Miss Teen Southern Alberta!

We then settled into our rooms and before we knew it, it was time to attend our PJ pizza party! This party was so much fun and was a great way to meet all my pageant sisters for the first time, as well as catch up with some that I had met at the provincial competition. We got the chance to eat, chat, and celebrate the week to come, and even was gifted MTC Swag Bags.

Me and my roomates at the PJ party!








The first day was absolutely surreal and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for us! I am so excited for our official photo and video shoot tomorrow, so stay tuned to see how that goes! Have an amazing night everyone!


Miss Teenage Alberta 2020

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Day 1 at Miss Teenage Canada!

A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. Today was definitely a beautiful day and started out great! I woke up feeling optimistic and ready for any challenge that came my way. This gave me the opportunity to really take in and appreciate every moment!

I started out the day with breakfast with my mother and sister at our resort the Horseshoe Valley Resort, followed by going back to our room to finish packing and ironing my clothes for the week.

After that, I decided to get something sweet with my sweet pageant sister Xara Miss Teenage Alberta 2020 before registration. What better way to kick off Miss Teenage Canada 2020 than with Beaver Tails?!

Sweet treat with my sweet pageant sister! Xara Miss Teenage Alberta

Once registration began I started meeting other delegates, getting settled into my room, and meeting my 2 beautiful roomies! Xara Miss Teenage Alberta 2020, and Kealey Miss Teen Southern Alberta! Right off the start, we all connected so well and truly started to bond. I can’t wait to see what this pageant week will bring us and how much fun we’re all going to have!

Roommate fun! With Xara Miss Teenage Alberta and Kealey Miss Teenage Southern Alberta!

Then we all went to the PJ and pizza party which was so much fun! We got to meet all the delegates, have cake and pizza, and were showered with gifts from the Miss Teenage Canada pageant organizers in our awesome Swag Bags and from the other delegates. During this time I was able to get to know some of the delegates and gift them with homemade masks, hand sanitizer, and gift bags with the help of my sponsors!

Having fun at the PJ pizza party!

Tomorrow we will be doing our photoshoots and video shoots! Stay tuned for more upcoming exciting posts and blogs the fun is only just beginning! Tomorrow I am excited to start the day by spreading my kindness and positivity through focusing on the good and taking in every opportunity!

Twinning with my roomie Xara!

Written by: Janaya
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This past weekend, I had the absolute honour to make my first appearance at Heritage Park, located right in the heart of Calgary. While being known to everyone else for being Canada’s largest living Historical Museum, it is known to me as a place of many childhood memories and school field trips.


Posing at the welcome sign!

Don’t forget to support your local businesses!!

I was there for a small pubic appearance, just to say a few words introducing myself to the audience, watch a skit performed by actors, and be serenaded by the showband. Later, I had the opportunity to roam the park with my parents and ride the steam train to view the historic replicas of houses and town buildings. The staff was so welcoming and insightful about everything, which made me appreciate my time there even more. 

After the skit performance!!

The Director, Bob Pearson

During quarantine in this pandemic, myself and pretty much everyone else I know were often wishing we could escape our current times and either go back to “normal” or any other time era. This experience gave me the opportunity to do just that. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to advocate for women’s voting rights alongside the Famous Five or ride around town in a horse carriage instead of a car. Nevertheless, being whisked away from current times made me realize that if humanity has gone from log cabins to modern-day mansions, we should only have hope that we will eventually get through these tough times and move on to a better era, where there will be a vaccine for COVID-19, more innovative technology, and anything else beyond our wildest dreams for the future. 

As a titleholder, I understand that my new role isn’t about just making free appearances and showing my face in public. It’s about using my platform to bring light to people, especially in these hard times. With each appearance I make during my reign this year, I hope to appear as a beacon of hope, that even during a pandemic and an economic crisis great things can still be done as long as we put our minds to it and believe we are capable of achieving our goals. It’s not too late to make 2020 our year, and it’s never too late to keep making goals and working towards them.

Written by: Vanessa
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