Day one at Miss Teenage Canada was so exciting. I started the day off very early in the morning at about 2:30 to catch my flight. My bags were already packed and I was ready to hit the road towards the airport. My flight finally departed from Edmoton and I arrived in Toronto about four hours later! It was a very long morning! When I got off the plane I was greeted by just a handful of my new pageant sisters. The day was finally starting to get exciting! Later that day we got settled into our dorm rooms and met our roomies for the week. My roommates are so incredibly sweet, kind and fun. I love them to bits and we have some great laughs and a lot of fun!

My roommates Chloe, Bonnie and Anoushka!

Later that night we had a PJ pizza party where we got to meet the rest of the delegates that arrived throughout the day! Everyone is so polite and fun 🙂

PJ Pizza Party!

That’s all for day one! Stay Tuned for the rest of the week.

Till next time – Shay 🙂

Written by: Shay
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I had the privilege of flying to Toronto with Darby and Mia which made the journey a little less scary. Darby and me started out together right from Lethbridge and we met Mia at the Calgary Airport.

We checked in and then all got together for a pizza night and got to know eachother. We had a lot of fun posing for pictures.

This morning I had breakfast with my 3 fabulous room mates and Darby. The food was amazing, lots to choose from but most of all the company 😊.


The rest of the day was makeup, hair, photo shoot and lots of glamour and posing. It was a dream come true. I loved every minute of it.

Looking forward to a fun day at the amusement park tomorrow!

For now, Good Night!

Written by: Alyssa
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Yesterday was so much fun! I arrived at 3 and got settled into my room only took about an hour to unpack my thousands of bags and outfits! 😂 Then I met my 2 roommates Maya, and Cassandra/Mark/Even/Jessika (her name is really hard for me to remember so we just decided I would call her whatever name came to mind first! Lol) then we got ready for the pizza party where we met all the girls and had cake! I handed out all my little gifts to all the girls donated from sponsors. Farrah, Maya, Milena also brought gifts for everyone which was so thoughtful! We took pictures, cut the cake, went over rules, and learned something unique about every girl! Wow this week is going to be a whole lot of fun, stay tuned more posts to come! #mtc2019

Unloading the vehicle and saying goodbye!
Hannah Begovic Miss World Canada 2018 helped me with my bags to my room!
I met my roomies! Maya is in the middle and Milena is on the right.
We met and took a picture with Kate Lawrence!
Written by: Janaya
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So far I have un packed and am super excited for the pizza party later tonight. I will be posting everyday on updates.

Written by: Saige
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I would like to give a special thanks to my sponsor Headkandi they were a huge help with doing my hair. They did an amazing job. All the people that work there are super kind and sweet. If you ever need a hair place to go to give them my name and you get a discount.

Written by: Saige
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Wow tomorrow Miss Teenage Canada Pageant week starts and I have had so many sponsors help me get here! (43 sponsors! WOW! 🤩🥰) Thank you so so so much everyone it has been a pleasure working with everyone, and promoting your wonderful businesses, and thank you to the people of camrose too! Wow small towns can really come together! Thank you… Vinesations, The Trendy Walrus, Lake House, Ramada camrose, The little boutique consignment, Creme De La Creme, Shoppers, Save On Foods Camrose, House of Hair Design, Hair Behaviour, Browns Social House Camrose, Retro, The Auto Shop Camrose, Smitty’s Camrose, Des-irable Nails, Sockett Law, Live Love Lash, Mandy Richter Photography, Telus, Lightbridge Images, Corey Ames, Camrose Chamber of Commerce, Alo Aesthetics, Jason Henderson Photography, Revive Salon, Fringe Benifits, Tourism Camrose, Space, Downtown Camrose, Studio 49, Enterprise, Tish’s Fashions And Finery, Hot Water Swim Wear, Duggan Dental, The City of Camrose, Studio Nails, W.I.S.E empowering women group, Eastside Greenhouse, The Camrose Arts Society, Camrose Co-op, New Country Radio (98.1), Twig, Stewart Belland Ass., Superstore Camrose, and Avonroy Auctions. Individually we are just a molecule of water, but together we are an ocean. ❤️#mtc2019

Written by: Janaya
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My experience as Miss Teenage Alberta… It all started on February 24th when I was crowned! From then to now it has been a whirlwind of events and fun on top of dancing at Ballet Camrose 32 hours a week, student teaching baby ballet, volunteering, and going to school full time still managing honours. I did 55 events, and appearances all over Canada in 4 months representing my title Miss Teenage Alberta. Here are some of the highlights I did in that time…

February 24th, crowning for Miss Teenage Alberta!

March 1st, danced at Rogers Place for an Oilers Game!

March 1st, So You Think You Can Drag! I did a live Q&A on stage!
March 3rd, Welcome home party for winning Miss Teenage Alberta. Where friends and family greeted me!
March 5th, released my story and experience to the News Paper!
March 6th, I had lunch with a fabulous group of empowering women in my community for a Q&A!
March 7th, United Church Community show where I danced with the babies I teach!
March 8th – 10th danced at the Coronation Music festival and won numerous awards!
March 11th, the Dallas Stars vs. Edmonton Oilers!
March 14th, I was chosen to dance with Ballet Jorgen from Toronto and had a role in the ballet Coppelia!
March 15th, I was on the New Country 98.1 radio with a live Q&A!
March 18th, Had a meeting with the Camrose Arts Society To plan events until December of 2019!
March 20th, became official partner with tourism Camrose to be apart of the tourism camrose book 2019 – 2020!
March 21st, I was apart of the Hospice Society Charity fashion show where I walked, presented a speech, and auctioneered!
March 21st -23rd, Danced At C.A.R.S dance competition!
March 25th, 9 hour day photoshoot in Calgary with Jason Henderson!
March 16th, 9 hour day photoshoot with Xerxes Thomas in Lethbridge wearing Bells and Bows Bridal gowns, and met up with Miss World Alberta Ashton!
March 27th, I was at the opening of the Vulcan Trek Station!
March 29th, Roots Hair Company Fashion Show with the Trendy Walrus!
March 30th, Special Olympics Bowl-A-Thon where I volunteer!
March 31st, Northern Chicken House. I helped raise over 8 thousand dollars for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation!
April 2nd, Red Hat Society Lunch where I have a speech and auctioneered!
April 3rd, handed out question forms for the Alberta Provincial Candidates Reform (debate) with the Camrose Chamber Of Commerce!
April 5th – 7th, Sparkle Dance Festival in Olds, Alberta!
April 7th, Made an appearance with a speech and had lunch at Grouchy Daddy’s!
April 12th, WOW empowering women show where I presented a speech and auctioneered!
April 14th, Fashion Show with Bellissima!
May 5th, Fireman’s Breakfast in Camrose!
April 20th, Downtown Camrose Easter Egg!
May 2nd, I made an appearance at a local day pageant to watch with Jr. Miss Northern Alberta Cali!
May 5th, Miss Teen Calgary Pageant I presented a speech, helped crowning, and walked with Miss Teen Calgary 2018!
May 7th, Terrarium Night At Eastside Greenhouse! A fabulous fundraiser for the Children’s Wish Foundation!
May 17th, BBQ Co-op fundraiser for the Children’s Wish Foundation!
May 31st – June 2nd, Jaywalkers carnival where I had a booth where we sold buffalo burgers and all proceeds were donated to the Children’s Wish Foundation!
June 8th – 9th, Dance extravaganza and year end Ballet Production Of Mary Poppins!
June 14th, U.F.A days in Lethbridge, Alberta with Darby Miss Teenage Lethbridge!
June 12th, photoshoot in Lethbridge with Xerxes Thomas Lightbridge Images!
June 13th, I went to present a speech, say hi, and auctioneer at an old folks home in Lethbridge, Alberta!
June 15th, Purple Martin festival with tourism Camrose!
June 16th, Pride in the park to show my support to my local LGBTQ community!
June 19th, I attended my last toastmasters meeting!
June 21st, Indigenous Days At Augustana Campus!
June 22nd Arts in the Park!
June 21st, I created my own lipstick at Creme De La Creme for the pageant, another amazing sponsor!
June 22nd, Dance fundraiser at Mr.Mikes Camrose where I auctioned off a couple items!
June 22nd, International Day Of World’s Indigenous Peoples. I went to a Pow Wow and embraced my own culture!
June 23rd, Lemonade Day not only did I have a lemonade stand and was raising money for the Children’s Wish Foundation but I also went and visited each lemonade stand!
June 25th, I volunteered with special olympics baseball tournament! Go cheetahs go!
June 29th, Camrose Cruisers Car Show And Shine, I got to pose with each car and hand out the awards!
July 1st, Canada Day Celebrations I presented a speech on diversity and inclusion and had a silent auction table with all proceeds being donated to the Children’s Wish Foundation!
July 2nd, hitting the road for our road trip to Miss Teenage Canada!
July 4th, Made an appearance at the Wapella day care to meet all the pretty princesses and handsome prince!
July 8th, my last appearance before Miss Teenage Canada. I served lunch to summer school students in Brampton, Ontario all proceeds were donated to Lions Guid Dogs Canada!
Written by: Janaya
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I chose my platform Muscular Dystrophy because my older sister Candace has Muscular Dystrophy. She was diagnosed when she was only 8 years old. Her dad and two uncles also have this disability. Muscular Dystrophy is a disorder where the muscles do not work due to progressive loss of muscle mass. Some cases of it are a slower deterioration than others. One day Candace will be in a wheel chair and have no small motor skills, and struggle with moving like her dad. Today Candace is still good, she does bowling, baseball, swimming, and walking with special olympics which I also volunteer with in my community. Candace also has a job as a dietitian aid at a local old folks home in Camrose and graduated from Camrose Composite High School and Augustana Campus. I’m so amazed with her and love her so much! Of course there are things she struggles with too, she does have a stutter and sometimes gets stiff after a lot of physical activity. Over the past four months I joined forces with my local fire department because they are also advocates for muscular dystrophy. In that time I raised over$ 10 000 for Muscular Dystrophy just by going to events all over Alberta and sharing about my platform with my title Miss Teenage Alberta. 💗

Written by: Janaya
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My name is Darby Boulton and I am 18 years old, and have just celebrated my Graduation, the end of June.  I have been enjoying my time volunteering and attending events in the Lethbridge area, and have to admit meeting all the kids has been the best!! 

I hope to use my title to continue to meet new people and help promote my passion for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes.  Offering hope in a small box of presents to a child who has never received a gift in their life, and may never get another one again, is important to me.  

I have been dancing competitively since my toddler days and hope to continue to have it be part of my life for many years to come.  I enjoy working out, and strive to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

I am currently working in the service industry, and plan to enjoy my year as Miss Teenage Lethbridge.  I am looking to possibly do some more modeling in the future,and I plan to go back to school in the next year or so to pursue my dreams to work in the medical field.  

I appreciate you following me on my journey. 

Written by: Darby
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The video above is my third and last blog ! Enjoy 😊
Written by: Mia
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