Aloha! On a daily basis I’m asked about my upcoming Miss Teenage Canada Pageant, and my current title of Miss Teenage Alberta. However, hardly ever am I asked about myself as a person! So here is 10 answers to questions you were probably never going to ask 😉

10 little known facts about me:

-my best friend is my beagle Holly

-I either listen to classical music, rap, or musical theatre during my workouts, and there is no in between (talk about getting a pump on!)

-I have a slight (and by slight, I mean will drink 6+ cups a day) addiction to tea of all flavours

-I’m a huge nerd. We’re talking spending my free time writing pieces to get published, memorized 200+ digits of Pi, highest mark in school type nerd.

-I believe in aliens. Seriously.

-I probably spend more time in a swimsuit than I do in clothing #lifeguardlife #swimcoach #lakelife

-my very favourite food is a traditional Hawaiian salad, consisting mainly of raw tuna and spices called POKE (mmmmmmmmmm it is actually so good… If you like raw fish) BUT I am not a picky eater. I seriously eat everything. (Some things on the list include frog legs, snails, and some other pretty crazy stuff)

-I enjoy making words up. Some words are just meant to be! Find that missing sock you’ve been looking for? That’s a SOCKCESS (sock+success) Do you ever get frustrated because you’re so cold? Sounds FREEZSTRATING (freezing+frustrating). Nervous and excited at the same time? You’re NERVOUSCITED!

-I can state the alphabet faster backwards than forwards

-I have many talents, but singing is definitely not one of them (some times I like to think I’m pretty good at opera though hahaha *wine glass in the background shatters*)

And there you go!! Pretty cool, eh?

Thanks for reading! Check back soon!

Miss Teenage Alberta 2016 <3

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